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Green Coffee Bean Extracts Work

Real Weight Loss Results

A green coffee bean extract is a unique supplement that ensures natural, safe and healthy weight loss without exercise and I will explain how later in this document.

The main difference with this weight loss supplement is that it’s made raw green coffee beans that have not been roasted.

These green beans are then dried first  then grinned into a coffee bean powder making it purest form of quality, this is where the “PURE” comes in.

They are still un-roasted beans and will not proceed to roasting the the beans used in your coffee. Keeping the bean in it’s raw form ensures that it will still have its natural Chlorogenic acids levels which are around 45% depending on the manufacturer and the source of the beans.  It’s the Chlorogenic acids at this percent level that has been proven via clinical studies to help you lose weight without exercise.

Buy GCA in Canada HERE

Buy GCA in Canada HERE

What is a Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Found only in the “RAW” green coffee bean these Chlorogenic acids are removed during the roasting process which is why drinking coffee does not help you lose weight.

Clinical studies have proven that these acids are very powerful and very unique. They can control blood sugar levels in the body thus controlling body fat levels.

The first thing people think is that they can’t take this kind of supplement because it’s made with coffee beans and it must be high in caffeine but this is NOT the case at all.

Green coffee beans have less caffeine than roasted coffee beans that are used to make a regular cup of coffee. Facts is the green coffee bean are naturally low in caffeine and are high in antioxidants. A study conducted by Dr. Oz on Green coffee beans showed that there is less than ¼ cup of coffee in a full day serving of the coffee bean extract.

How do Green Coffee Bean Extracts Work?

When you take this supplement the Chlorogenic acids travel through the bloodstream and are absorbed into the body tissues. They will then enhance the effects of antioxidants and will combat free radicals in the bloodstream which damage DNA causing the premature aging of cells.

An addition benefits revealed through another clinical result showed improved muscle tone and circulation, and a slowing down of the aging process.

Because Chlorogenic acids controls blood sugar weight loss is experienced also. The liver is responsible for changing glucagon into glucose which is then emitted into the blood stream. Chlorogenic acids inhibit this process by preventing the release of the G6P enzyme and in so doing stabilize the levels of sugar in blood. Here is the good part…because natural glucose in the body is controlled this will then force the body to use energy already stored in the body reducing your fat cells thus weight loss can be easily seen in just days.

Which Green Coffee Bean Supplements Work Best?

coffee BeansAs pointed out by Dr. Oz you will want to make sure your using and extract that is a minimum of 45% Chlorogenic acid to start with. How you can tell is by reviewing the product label. In Canada it’s mandatory to have this label clearly identified on the bottle.

A quick way to tell is to look for a label marked with either of the following,

Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA

Both the “Svetol” and GCA are trademarks from a company in the USA that ensures by law that their supplements have a minimum of 45.9% Chlorogenic acid. Be sure to look for these markings.

Why buy Green Coffee Bean Extracts in Canada

Motivation For weight lossThe main benefit of buying here in Canada is the delivery time.

There are no hidden fees like product that is shipped from other countries. When these products arrive you get stuck with a customs bill or you’ll pay duty. Many times Canadians will purchase with “NO TAX” and when the product will arrives, “Surprise” here is your bill.

You can read about us but we are a family owned and operated business right here in Ontario Canada and we ship coast to coast here in Canada.

Most shopper are looking to buy Dr Oz green coffee bean extract when in fact if you follow the guidelines listed here you will buying exactly what Dr.Oz was recommending. These are the best green coffee bean extract available, as recommended by weight loss professionals. This is where can you buy green coffee bean extract in Canada that you know will work.

If your looking for green coffee bean extract reviews one of the best places to start is Amazon.ca because customers can leave feedback about all the different products after they buy them. Just be sure you look for “Verified” purchase reviews, because they are fake reviews out there too!

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