What is a coffee bean extract diet – Explained

Coffee Bean Extract Diet

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The easiest way to explain it is that when you want to lose weight you need to take a coffee bean extract along with your regular diet plan.
It has been proven time and time again that you will lose weight if you take the supplements that contain GCA or Svetol.
There are a few things that you should follow while on this diet that will help you reach your desired goals easier.

Your Green Coffee Bean Diet Plan

Start by taking at least 400 mg coffee bean extract twice daily. This will help your body adjust to the extract and help you get used to taking them. Clinical studies conducted with this extract were done at the 800mg levels and this is where you will want to be also. Work your way there and after about 1 week start taking 800mg 2 times daily.

Weight loss without exercise is true, but keep in mind that you can speed up your results by using your muscles. I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking the supplements and laying around the house or sleeping all the time. Muscles burn fat so as part of your coffee bean extract diet you should try to get a bit more exercise. I’m not talking about joining the gym or running a marathon, simply walking a bit more would help or even take on an extra hobby. If you work every day then your body is already used to it so you should try to add a little extra each day like, park a bit farther from your work entrance, take the stairs more often, take walks at lunch time. If you’re a stay at home mom then try to get a little more activity in your day by getting those extra chores done that you have been putting off or take the kids for walks or to the park more often. These are just some ideas to help you get a bit more activity in your day.

Watch what you eat. Again the clinical studies showed great results for participants that changed nothing in their regular diets and they still lost weight. If you cut back on small things you will notice big results. There are great foods for weight loss that you should consider that speed up weight loss like switching to an apple instead of potato chip snacks or start making sandwiches without butter you’ll never know the difference. Some other quick tips are to trim fat away on your meat before you cook it or switch to lean hamburger instead of regular ground.

Stay away form low fat food or diet pops, Yes! You heard me correctly. These food actually have a reverse effect on weight loss and most people don’t realize it. The starve your body of what your used to then you either make it up with late night snack or over eat at your next meal. This is why people often “Yo Yo” back from any weight loss they have achieved and end weighing more than when they started.

Coffee Bean Extract Diet Plan Checklist

  • Take at least 800mg coffee bean extract with Sveto or GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) twice a day.
  • Add a bit more exercise into your daily schedule even if it’s walking or taking the stairs a bit more.
  • Try to eat foods that will help you lose weight like Apples, eggs, fish, greens.
  • Stay away from low fat products or diet pops, these usually have a reverse effect on the body and you end up gaining weight.

The green coffee extract diet will actually help you see weight loss fast but at the same time not really change anything in your regular daily diet. Taking a coffee bean supplement will curb your appetite, increase your weight loss on it’s own but we are all in the habit of eating, which is why we have a few pounds to get rid of in the first place. Don’t try to change eating habits too much focus on foods that will help you lose weight and try to eat a bit smarter.