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What Dr. Oz SaysI have been asked many times about the dr oz green coffee bean extract but it’s important to know that Dr. Oz has not endorsed any one brand type. The suggestion that he is can be seen on many websites online these days so I will help clear this up.

First of all after watching his TV show and reading his blog and different website articles it’s clear that what he is telling you to look for when shopping are the following types of supplements,

The reasoning for this is that there are so many products out there all claiming to be the “best” or “pure” when in fact they are just plain junk and here is why.

Manufactures and their distribution chains always jump to promote products that are of less quality and cheap prices just to make a quick buck. Fact is if you look on auction websites or discount websites you’ll be sure to find these types of products.

These products and/or their ingredients are often bought from third world countries and imported into Canada or the USA where they are manufactured into supplements that are labeled with the following “Action Words” like MAX, PURE, Extra strength, Slim, Lean, Elite, etc. Trust me when I say this doesn’t make them better it simply means they are trying to catch your eyes so that you will buy potential products of less quality.

Fact is the main things to look for are first and foremost an ingredient called “Chlorogenic acid” because this is the main ingredient that has been proven to help you lose weight. It will be on the product label if the product is legitimate.

Products in Canada are required to state the true and accurate contents of each bottle so the label has to show it.

Another thing to look for are the words, Svetol  or GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant). Both of these words mean that the product contains at least 45.9% Chlorogenic acid and have been clinically proven so.

Dr.Oz guided the viewers on his TV show use these exact guidelines when purchasing the green coffee extract online or in stores. So you see there is no single Dr oz green coffee bean extract when in fact he was simply educating the public as to what to look for when shopping.

One last thing to point out with this regard also is the fact that Dr. Oz had a professional guest on his show named Dr. Linsey Duncan whom is an expert on superfoods, herbal medicine, natural remedies and natural health. A skeptic to weight loss supplements Dr. Duncan endorsed these new weight loss supplements but also, like D. Oz her cautioned viewers to be aware of the “JUNK” products out there also. Dr. Duncan had posted a study he conducted on his website where he took some of the leading brands of coffee bean extracts being sold in store right now to an independent lab for testing on the ingredients they contained. This was a shocker!

The study revealed that some of the products labeled with 50% Chlorogenic acid had in some cases less than 10% Chlorogenic acid and there were instances of no Chlorogenic acid at all present in the coffee bean supplement.

This is very scary for consumers who think they are buying a PURE product when in fact they have been misled into buying a product with fillers that will do nothing at all.

You can protect yourself buy selecting products that are labeled with GCA or Svetol.

                           GCA Label                                                                Svetol Label

Green coffee bean with GCA labelSvetol Label

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