Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

Green coffee bean extracts have certainly helped thousands of people lose weight quickly practically overnight and the best part is that it stays off. These customer reviews show reviews for the different coffee bean extract supplements on the market today and hopefully help you to choose the types that suits you the best based on the results they seen.

Things to consider before reading reviews

When you read a any product review, you should always consider the type of product in this case, extracts and what it’s designed to do for you. Are you looking for appetite control, cleansing, detox, additional health benefits or straight weight loss.

Types and Purpose: There are so many variations to choose from these days and customers that bought a coffee bean extract for the purpose of weight loss and cleansing might be disappointed if they didn’t see any weight loss due to the fact these type of supplements do not have the full 45% chlorogenic acid required for weight loss.

Proven and Facts: Just because someone says the product didn’t work form doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fact. Maybe they did follow the directions fully or maybe they did change their eating habits at all. What’s important is what researchers have found to be true through real clinical studies. Dr. Oz did a live clinical study on TV using his audience and the results were amazing. Not all products out there will give these types of results but you can jump a head of the game after reading his green coffee bean review.

Truth or Paid Reviews: Yes just like anything these days, if there is a way to out do the competition people will do it even if it means paying someone to write a review of their products. The best way to tell if a review is real and honest is to look for positive and negative comments. Also look for these factors when considering if a review is real or not.

  • Keywords for products –  words like, “pure green coffee bean extract” in a review is one sign.  A real person who use a product will not typically call the product by any big long “key word” name, they would simply say “when I used this product it worked for me”. NOT,  “when I used pure green coffee bean extract by Health Buy it worked for me”.
    Another example are action words like “outstanding, amazing, fast weight loss”. Just think of the last time you bought anything you really liked did you descibe it by saying….”Hey I just bought this outstanding vacuum by Tri Star international with amazing suction and awesome handling”. Probably not.
  • Real names – This means a lot, most times if you were going to leave a review you’ll use at least your first name. Often time fake names will mean fake reviews.
  • Length of the review – Longer reviews typically mean real reviews because the reviewer wants to tell you his experience. Shorter reviews at times, often mean the review is not a very good one or not a real one. People who are paid to do reviews will often keep it short so they take their money and run.

Here are some products and Customer Reviews

Best Green Coffee Bean Extract in CanadaChlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract  – This product seems to work well in increasing metabolism and weight loss. I lost 5 lbs the first 2 weeks, and did nothing different. I feel warm, so looks like it works well. The problem I have is with the label. It does not clearly explain what’s in it. I had to send 3 emails to the manufacturer / distributor before I got a response. I asked for a third party report verifying what’s in the product.

The label just says it contains 800 mg of pure coffee extract. What does that mean???? I asked, took 3 emails and got an answer that it contains a significant amount of chlorogenic acid (the active ingredient). Why do they not specifically put this on the label? Anyway, it’s a good product and I recommend it, but it would be a big step forward in putting this information on the label.
Published by killow

Great results so far! I have learned so much about this supplement. Works way better than anything else I have tried so far. No after taste which is nice. I see now that getting green coffee bean extract with Svetol was a great idea and my results are already being noticed by my friends. I feel the directions on the bottle are incorrect, It says to take 2 caps twice a day but I am seeing results with only 1 cap in the morning and one mid afternoon. I am very glad I chose this product with the Svetol as I am sure this is what making the difference for me. Great product.
By EarlaCJ

Loving Green Coffee! – I still can’t believe how fast I am losing weight because of this product. It must be because it contains anti-oxidants that help eliminate the fat molecules in my body. Ever since I started taking these vegi-capsules, I noticed that I don’t eat as much as I used to. However, I do not feel weak or sick in any way. In fact, I feel strong and invigorated by this supplement. It’s really amazing especially with the information booklet to guide me.
By Adam J


Gold SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract

Gold SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract

Migraine, Insomnia, jitters and almost passed out!– These pills made me very ill and I only took one a day for three days when it says to take 2 pills 2 times a day. The first day I was jittery, and nervous. Yes I did have more energy that night and it kept me up most of the night. The next day I suffered a horrible migraine, and was dizzy. Then today I almost passed out, and was really scared I was drinking a ton of water and ate more food to get the stuff out of my system. I will not take these again nor will I try the decaffeinated version its not worth going to the hospital over!
Published by Harp Goddess

Coffee Bean Extract – I have been taking this product religiously for over a month. I do believe it may aide a bit speeding up your metabolism, but you still will have to watch what you eat and be sure to exercise on a regular basis. Published By Bud.

waste – Didn’t seem to do a thing, no the right product for my needs. May be fine for others, not sure. Published By D

No Thanks – I did speak with someone within the Life & Food company about this product not working for me. I didn’t get the satisfaction I would have liked from our conversation. I explained that I was previously using another product I purchased at, believe it or not, Wal-Mart and it was working for me. After reading the info online I thought I would try and use a product with Svetol in it. I thought that maybe I would get even better results from this product! After using the first bottle of coffee bean extract from Life & Food I gained all the weight back that I lost while using the product from Wal-Mart! I did start using the second bottle as per sugestion from phone conversation but still no results!! Published By Donna bower.


Pure Super Green Coffee Extract review

Pure Super Green Coffee Extract 800mg

Don’t Let The “Certificate of Analysis” Fool You –  I saw the Dr Oz show rerun today about Green Coffee Bean Extract and they specifically mentioned that when searching for a quality product, you should look for a Certificate of Analysis. That analysis should tell you how much Chlorogenic Acid it contains. Chlorogenic acid is the chemical responsible for the weight loss and it should contain at least 50%. After receiving numerous calls from people who weren’t losing weight, an investigation was launched and several brands were tested for their chlorogenic content. Dr Lindsay Duncan and Dr Oz were shocked by the results. MOST brands out there were significantly deficient in the substance, including one CLAIMING to have 50% that tested at only 0.04%. The certificate supplied with this product doesn’t mention chlorogenic acid at all. All it tells you is that the powder PLUS its capsule weigh a total of 960 mg (give or take 50 mg), which, without telling you how much the capsule weighs by itself, doesn’t even tell you how much of the powder you’re getting. After seeing the image supplied by one customer, I’m not convinced of this product’s authenticity at all. The color difference in the powders is obvious, and like others have said, it certainly shouldn’t smell like cocoa or taste sweet. But it was the cost of this supplement that initally raised a red flag for me. At only slightly over 1/3 the cost of the brands that passed the analysis, I didn’t believe the same quality would be there. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Published by Nutmegs Momm

I believe this is fake, too!– When i purchased this product a few weeks ago it had only 4 ratings and average rating was 4 stars i believe. Unfortunatelly i had missed the comment someone had left saying when opening the capsule the product tastes like a latte powder or something like that. Well, let me tell you – when I first ordered and started taking it i felt weird, like an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I didn’t think it had anything to do with this, but i noticed when i didn’t take it, i didn’t have that weird feeling in my stomach… So i checked back on this product on amazon, to see if there were more reviews and saw that some people said it seems to be a fake and that the powder tastes sweet instead of bitter. So i opened a capsule and shure enough – it’s sweet stuff inside not bitter. Really makes me wonder – what have i been taking???? I CAN NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!! Published by SoMel.


Genesis Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Genesis Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

Didn’t work for me – I was excited to find this product and used it according to the directions. It did not work for me at all. I did not lose any weight and I was never aware of it making any difference in my appetite or energy. I would not buy it again nor would I recommend it. Published by Susan Jones

It’s OK – I only lost 7 pounds and ive been on this for 3 months. And I even go to the gym 3 times a week for an hour. Published by Minnie mouse.

Verdict still out, – Have been trying for over a month now, and actually saw some results, down about 8 pounds, but still going to go another month to see if it really is doing the job, or my consistent workouts are maybe just now paying off.
Published by Cooking for Seven “S Kesler”.

sucks – paying a lot of money for a product that does not deliver – I do NOT appreciate! Have to take 2 3x/day – but still not loss! Published by R. Thomas “jazz lady”

Not sure this really works – Have been taking this for a few months. Works when I eat healthy so not sure if it the Green Coffee Beans pills or the healthy eating. It’s the holidays now so I have not been taking them.
Will start again the first of the year with normal eating. If doesn’t work with normal eating will not spend anymore money on this product.
Published by Carole F. Huber.



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