Fastest Shipping in Canada

Fast Shipping in CanadaWe pride ourselves on having the fastest shipping in Canada for the products that are made here in Canada. We use Canada Post “Expedite” of all shipments within Canada and we always Ship FREE for order of 2 or more bottles of our revolutionary green coffee bean extract that is made in Canada.

Product is seen within 5 days on your doorstep anywhere in Canada on a normal given day.

We can offer faster shipping options but you will have to contact us for details and these types of shipments cost more.

Your product is always covered with a $100 insurance FREE of charge and each package is discretely marked when shipped. Package arrives unidentified as to the content. Product label will only read your name and address and the returning name and address which will always be a person’s name and not the name of our company for your privacy.

All of our Green Coffee Bean Extract are NOW shipped from the warehouse in the USA and shipping fees do apply BUT you will not have to pay Taxes. Click below!

Chlorogen 800

Chlorogen 800 with NO Tax.


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