Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Apples Help with Weight Loss

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If you are like most people then you have probably made the same mistakes when trying to diet in the past. It’s a fact that most people will starve themselves while dieting OR they switch to these so called “diet” or “Low fat” products that will not work for you in the long run. It’s important to learn which foods help you lose weight safely and most importantly keep the weight off.

Although lifestyle change is needed also, there are foods that will assist you with weight loss and we will take a look at them here.

Foods to help you lose weight

Not all diets have to starve you or deprive you. There are many enjoyable foods that will assist you with weight loss and here is a list what to eat to lose weight safely and quickly.
Yogurt – This is often referred to by Doctors and Dietitians as the perfect food. Yogurt is know for being able to curb hunger with it’s carbs, protein and fat because it keeps blood sugar levels even and steady. I always recommend substitute low fat plain yogurt in dishes where you’ll use mayonnaise, like the different types of salads for example.
Parmesan Cheese – This type of cheese was studied The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and was found to help women who had one serving of whole milk or cheese daily were less likely to gain weight over time. You can eat this as a substitute over roasted vegetables or on it’s own with some fruit.

Salmon – It’s a known fact that fish oils keep your heart healthy, but it can help you achieve your weight loss goals also. It’s a popular dish for eliminating the one and only, hard to get rid of, bell fat. Omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity which helps build muscle also. Muscles are like a hot furnace that burns calories thus burning fat.

Eggs – We have been told for years that egg yokes are bad for us but this has been disproved by the Rochester Center for Obesity in the United States. Eggs can actually help us lose weight because if you eat eggs for breakfast they make  you feel fuller for longer so naturally you’ll eat less the rest of the day.
Apples – They have always said an apple a day keeps the doctor a way. There are many health benefits in apples but did you know that if you chew an apple up well before you swallow it when your done you will feel fuller this tells your brain your not hungry and you will eat less calories with your next meal.
Lentils – These have been clinically proven to reduce hard to get rid of belly flab. When added to your daily diet they can help prevent insulin spikes that causes your body to store excess energy as fat. Next time you make a pasta dish add some to make a little more heartier so you’ll eat less.
Blueberries – I love them and here’s why, they have the highest natural levels of antioxidant than any other fruit. Did you know that of all the berries you eat the ones with blue hue are the best ones to eat.
Olive Oil – This contains healthy fat that makes you feel fuller helping to curb your appetite.
As you can see these foods focus on making you eat less thus controlling your calorie intake which make you lose weight without really changing your daily life-style or without exercise. Taking a coffee bean extract will help speed up your weight loss efforts because it will block fat storage when you eat and force your body to take from existing fat already in your body.

What Foods and Bad Habits To Stay Away From

Foods to Stay Away fromNow let’s take a look at some foods you should stay away from because you probably don’t even realize they are robbing you of effective weight loss. Some diet foods actually work against you so let’s take a look,
Drinking Diet Sodas  – Most people think that drinking diet pop is good because your not drinking all the sugar in a regular pop but the fact is that the diet pop is sweet to taste BUT the brain doesn’t feel the sugar coming in so it triggers your cravings for more food and sugars and this means more calories. The intention was great but the reality is opposite of what your trying to achieve.People on diets that drink diet sodas always seem to have more problems with weight.
Cutting too many calories at once – When you cut back drastically on calories your body senses that you must be starving and goes into defense mode and cuts back your metabolism thus slowing the fat burning process in the body as it save your fat stores for you to survive on. Again the complete opposite effect from what you are trying to achieve which causes frustration and often times people fall off the weight loss wagon. It’s at this time when people end up gaining all their weight back and in most cases more than what they started out with. It’s always best to try to cut back little bits at a time. Suggestions, stop eating out and certainly stop eating fast foods, cut back a bit on portion sizes also.
Too Much Pasta – Let’s face it we all over eat when it comes to pasta. It’s always hard to determine how much pasta to make and we often make too much thus forcing us to eat what’s on our plates. Pasta is carbs and is often the choice for body builders because of the energy it supplies during workouts. Too much pasta and your body will try to store the left over energy as fat. Rule of “thumb”, a correct portion of pasta is the amount that fits inside the circle you make when you place your pointer finger tip to the knuckle of your thumb. If you put more pasta then this on your plate you’ll gain weight.
Over Eating Evening Meals – Fact is your body starts to slow down in the evening thus so does your metabolism. In most cases you may have already eaten all your daily calories by the time supper roles around and if your eating late night snacks these will be calories that go right to the hips. A great rule to live by is to not eat after 6pm, this alone may help you lose weight.
Eating Reduced fat Foods – When you buy or make low fat foods your depriving your body of what’s it’s used to creating an opposite effect and you’ll end up eating more or you end up snacking again later in the evening, thus gaining weight. Also these low fat or diet foods end up tasting less desirable than what your used to so we end up adding salts, butters etc. basically bad stuff back which defeats the purpose of eating diet products.
Basically any food has the potential to jeopardize your weight loss efforts. This is due to the fact that any calories that you take in that are in excess of what your body can use will be stored as fat. This would also include healthy foods.
This is why it’s so important to eat smaller portions, eat a bit healthier but not cut yourself off completely of foods your body is used to.Here are some easy tips you can incorporate into your daily diet that will help stay on track by cutting back a bit but still allowing you to eat the foods you like. I’m going to give you some examples of things I do everyday and I don’t notice it.
My Helpful Examples:

  1.     When eating bread with meals, don’t butter it. I don’t even notice the difference.
  2.     When eating meats (Steak or Pork) cut all the fat away.
  3.     Stop putting sugar on your cereal in the morning.
  4.     Make homemade burgers with lean meat and make the patties a bit smaller.
  5.     Stop using salt, I don’t even notice a different unless it’s a meal that REALLY needs it.

One last point to keep in mind is that no matter how healthy your food choices are the way you prepare it can jeopardize your weight loss. Try to keep in mind your goals and try preparing your food differently. Some examples are things like, preparing sauteed foods and fried foods that a have more calories than foods that are baked, steamed, grilled or broiled. Another example are white, cheesy or cream based sauces and soups as these also have much higher calories than regular tomato based sauces and clear broths. Small changes can have huge effects! Try to choose from our list of foods to help you lose weight and you’ll see results without much change.

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