Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA

Buy GCA in Canada HERE

Buy GCA in Canada HERE

The ingredient “GCA” (green coffee antioxidant) sky rocketed in popularity after a segment on the popular Dr. Oz TV show where he explained this is the supplement to look for.

Our Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 with GCA provides safe and effective weight loss for all body types. It is not a “Caffeine stimulant” it won’t make you jittery or raise your heart rate like roasted coffee does.

Our extract only has 20 mg of caffeine per serving which makes it “Decaffeinated”, whereas an 8 oz cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s has 180mg of caffeine per cup. The key ingredient for weight loss is called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting the release of glucose into the body, while at the same time boosting your metabolism and burning fat in the liver. These two mechanisms work together to inhibit the absorption of fat and eliminate weight gain.

The green coffee antioxidant is the compounding effects of (Chlorogenic acid) effectively and safely controls weight loss while cleansing toxins from within the body cells.

Green Coffee Antioxidant and it’s the trademarked green coffee bean extract owned by Applied Food Sciences, Inc. It’s controlled to contain a minimum of 45.9% chlorogenic acids. So when you are purchasing a green coffee bean extract product with GCA on the label you can be confident you are getting a product with clinically studied amount of chlorogenic acid with no fillers.

Mehmet Oz, M.D. host of the popular Health TV show “Dr. Oz Show” investigated the positive effects of these extracts and before he did the show on green coffee bean extract he decided to find out for himself if this new weight loss treatment really works.

He conducted his own experiment with 100 women from his audience who were overweight or obese. Each woman received either a placebo or a green coffee bean supplement and were instructed to take 400mg capsules twice per day. According to Dr. Oz, the participants were instructed not to change their diet and also to keep a food journal to record everything they ate. The results were shocking!

Before the TV stow started he presented the results of his study and completely shocked the world of viewers. After just two weeks into the study the participants who consumed the green coffee bean extract with 45.9% chlorogenic acids lost, on average, two pounds, while the group of women who took the placebo lost an average of one pound.

6 thoughts on “Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA

    1. Pure Green Coffee Bean Post author

      We have 4 types,

      Green Coffee Bean Lean is 800mg but also contains 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone with African mango, Acia berry and Resveratrol.

      Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol or GCA are both 800mg

      Green Coffee Bean Select is 400mg

    1. Pure Green Coffee Bean Post author

      Your recommended daily dose is 1600mg. This means you will need to take 800mg 2 times a day, morning and at supper.

  1. Lloyd

    I don’t remember Dr. Oz or anyone else talking about Svetol. Dr. Oz said It should be Pure Green Coffee extract each should contain 800 mg and the Chlorogenic acid should be 50%. I don’t remember and have not been able to fine his test of 100 women using lower amounts.
    It is clear to me every dealer on the internet say there’s is the best and cheaper than the rest and only they tell the truth. I only what to know is your company the right one for me?


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