Motivation to Weight Loss

Motivation For weight lossWhen people think weight loss it is usually just about reducing your size so that you can fit into your pants or dress again but there is a lot more benefits to weight loss then just those types of advantages.

Reducing your body weight can improve your life in various different ways. One of the main benefits is other people start noticing you at your workplace, and everywhere else.

When you’re at a healthy weight there are less chances to become the victim of dangerous heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, heat attack etc. etc. Did you know that more than 60% of health issues are caused by extra body weight?

There are so many benefits to losing weight and getting motivated is the key otherwise nothing changes and you will be like the ten million other people who start a weight loss diet and then give up in less than a week.

When you start seeing results this will motivate you into working a bit harder with your diet and these few tips will get you thinking a totally new way of achieving easy weight loss.

 Steps to Get You Motivated

I know what you’re thinking; this section will be all about things you already know like how you should get up in the morning with a positive attitude, eat smarter, and exercise which I agree are all great ideas but how can you make these happen by being motivated?

The first thing you should know is that there are factors you need to be aware of to start with and once you understand how things work it will make it easier to get you motivation for weight loss.

Understanding Hormones:  One main thing that most people completely overlook about their unwanted pounds is that it is almost always the result of a prolonged state of hormonal imbalance within the body itself. Besides the level of thyroid hormones in your body, there are other hormones which can also play a very important role in the determination of your metabolic rate or how fast you burn energy.  Clinical study results show us that there are several links between female hormones, hunger, weight loss and fat metabolism.

Example: Stress can activate an involuntary response within the body that will make our hearts pound and our breath shorten. The main hormone released during this response is a stress hormone called “cortisol”.

Another main hormone that needs to be kept in check is insulin. The role insulin plays in weight loss is very important to your fat cells because they gather the excess glucose ( or blood sugar) in the blood and convert it into fat for storage as a future energy source. New green coffee bean extracts can help you here.

It’s these “other” hormones that respond to your diet and exercise and are under your direct control. If not put into check they can result in weight gain when they become unbalanced in your body, even when your thyroid levels are perfectly inline. Control these and may see results without changing anything in your diet.

Eating Frequency: Are you one of those skip breakfast and eat a huge supper kind of people? I was for many years. Fact is making this one change will boost your metabolism rate and weight loss will be seen much sooner.

Your probably thinking I’m going to say eat three meals a day and cut back on calories then “POW” you’ll see results fast; well I’m not going to say that. Fact is I’m going to say that clinical studies have shown that cutting back on calories or on the amount of food you’re eating has the reverse effect.

Cutting back drastically sends your mind into a state of survival and we can fight it off for a while but then comes the late night meals high in calories or the binge eating later in the diet and we end up gaining even more weight back again.

Try reducing the size of your meals BUT eat more often and try to include healthy food snakes like fruit (apples) or vegetables (carrot sticks).

Metabolic Exercising: Fact is muscle burns fat! Jogging and walking or any other exercise that is great for the cardiovascular system is nice but when you exercise using muscle strength you muscles gobble up energy in the body thus boosting your metabolism literally melting pounds off your body even while you sleep.

Weight Loss Supplements: The new green coffee bean extracts today will produce results quite easily because they actually control glucose levels forcing the body to use fat stores already in the body. This is why health professionals like Dr. Oz have endorsed these types of supplements.

So just imagine how motivated you would be if you reduced some stress in your day, ate smaller meals more frequently, used you muscles a bit more and took a weight loss supplement like green coffee bean extract. Studies are already showing huge results from people taking just the coffee bean supplement so can imagine the success you would have if you were to incorporate the other contributors listed above into your daily routine? Your results would be fast and maintainable quite easily!

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