Pure green coffee bean extract Canada

Canadians shopping for weight loss supplements will be happy to know that there is a trusted source right here in our own country. Now you can get pure green coffee bean extract Canada and you don’t have to pay shipping. There are a few different types to choose from but always make sure that you look for GCA or Svetol on the label to ensure your getting the recommended amount of Chlorogenic acid which is at least 45.9% as recommended by Dr. OZ.

When the green coffee extract was featured by Dr. Oz to be a powerful fat burning supplement that did not require exercise Canadians jumped on board. Clinical studies and Dr. Oz claimed that were are NO SIDE EFFECTS associated with it at all and proof was in a special show Dr. Oz did to prove it. This means you can safely lose weight without worrying about negative side effects happening to you.

Just a quick note about the green coffee extract as it comes from an all natural source, green coffee beans which a actually “RAW”. The active ingredient is chlorogenic acid on found in raw, green, coffee beans.  You see the chlorogenic acid is destroyed by the normal roasting process of coffee that we drink to wake up. It’s for this reason that pure extract must come from green coffee beans. Our green coffee bean extract in Canada contains a minimum of 50% chlorogenic acid, which is considered to be the most effective strength.

Don’t always be fooled by the word “Pure” either, because this can be misleading also. The only way to tell if the product is “pure” is to look on the label for the following,

  • 45% chlorogenic acid minimum
  • The word Svetol, which means it’s trademark protected and authenticated to be “pure”
  • The word, GCA which means Green Coffee Antioxidant which describes it’s level of effectiveness as 45.9% chlorogenic acid and it too is trademark protected and authenticated to be “pure”.

We are a trusted source in Canada for pure green coffee bean extract and we ship it for FREE.