The Effects of Exercise and Dieting On Metabolism

Burn fat with MetabolismAs more than 50 percent of the adult population of the USA has already become the victim of obesity , and obesity becomes the second leading reason of deaths in the United States after smoking, people are more concerned about their increasing weight. This huge obesity figures have made the weight loss industry one of the most profitable business in the USA. Every day we saw few new websites, and few new weight loss supplements that promise you to guaranteed weight loss. You have to understand the basic reason of overweight, and obesity. The main cause of increasing body weight is metabolic abnormalities.

Lots of research has been conducted over the years on the metabolism and obesity, but still the treatment of this problem is continuously revolving around balancing the calorie acquisition, and calorie consumption. However, the metabolic abnormalities which are the major cause of obesity is not research as much as it should be. Instead of balancing the calorie consumption the researchers need to work out why metabolic rate reduced in some peoples. The factors that cause reduction in metabolic rate in the body of a person can affect the efforts of weight loss and weight control negatively, so it is better that we should go to the root cause of the problem.

Metabolism and Exercise

Despite millions of pages researched on the calorie burning and obesity, the story doesn’t change a lot. Weight loss efforts continuously depending on the calorie burnt and calorie intake. There are some evidences available which shows that regular workouts can improve the metabolic rates among the human body but on the other hand there are some evidence available which shows that exercise in the long run can cause reduction in the metabolic rates. When you do exercise, you definitely burn more calories because your body involved in more physical activities, but the million dollar question is, does that extra workout effect your other calorie burning mechanism? The answer is, yes it can, that is why often experts say that exercise alone is not effective in weight loss efforts.

The research has revealed that when we do aerobics, it will definitely increase the calorie burning process during the exercise, and immediately after we complete the exercise for a few hours but after that it has a reverse effect on our metabolic rate. This effect is more clear in intense and moderate aerobics as compared to the light aerobics. When we say exercise increase the consumption of energy that means there must be a mechanism behind that. First of all exercise increase the hormonal activity in our body and the hormones that consume energy becomes more active. Some experts also believe that the exercise also affects the activity of the nerves in our body. Some research also shows that because of the exercise the protein breakdown activity in the body also increased. The research has also revealed that the effects of exercise activities are different on the men and women.

Metabolism and Dieting

Many people use dieting as a tool for weight loss, but actually eating less is not the solution of the situation, instead of that you have to follow an effective diet plan. When you intake less calories than your body required for proper functioning of body, your body actually goes in the starving condition or starving mode. That means your body becomes able to make more calories from less food and water. All the extra calories goes to increase your fat instead of increase your muscles, so extra dieting can increase your weight considerably.

The metabolism of each person is different, so we cannot say how much dieting is required to prevent your body from going on the starving mode. Instead of going for complete dieting, you should know what to eat and how much to eat. You have to eat healthy, and develop healthy eating habits in your personality. Most of the experts believe that a normal person should need to eat at least 1000 calories in a day to prevent his body going on starving mode. You have to keep in mind that the human body does not enter or leave the starving mode in quick time. It takes time, and when you continuously repeat the habit of eating less, only then your body went on the starving mode, and similarly it takes time to take your body out of the starving mode.

The relationship between metabolism, exercise, and dieting is too complicated to understand, but you must need to understand the mechanism of metabolism because it is the root cause of the overweight, and obesity. In order to avoid extra weight on your body you have to build and adopt healthy habits for eating as well as other lifestyle changes such as taking part in more physical activity. Instead of dieting, you should prefer to eat food that is considered as less in calories and high in proteins and minerals.

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